Barefoot® 'Cheyenne' Dry Tex Saddle Pony

Barefoot® 'Cheyenne' Dry Tex Saddle Pony

allround saddle model made of DryTex™
very light saddle, only 4kilo
close horse contact and comfortable and freedom seat
mono saddle flap - no restriction of a knee flap


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Barefoot® 'Cheyenne' Dry Tex Saddle Pony

Our favorite all around saddle made of DryTex™, a water repellant faux leather with a slightly grained structure. This material is very
light and can be cleaned with a just a wet sponge. This model is a favorite among riders who want to have a lot of freedom in their seat. The saddle adjusts to the horse's back and the rider's leg can swing freely; there is no restriction of  a knee flap.  Color matching thick fleece underside. Nylon trim. 6 D-rings to attach all your travel/riding needs.  The fiberglass insert (wide size) can be exchange for a small soft insert.
•    Flexible in all 3 directions
•    No undue pressure under saddle and therefore aids in building a strong topline
•    With VPS system and stirrup attachment which can be positioned as needed
•    Affordable and easy to maintain
•    Weight only 4 kg - a light weight
We recommend our DryTex versions for use as a spare saddle or for beginners. If the saddle is in constant use, it is worthwhile buying the leather version.
We recommend using the corresponding DryTex stirrup straps, as the edges of real leather straps damage the material.
Seat sizes: X0, for Kids size 140
Colors: brown or black
Healthy back due to our VPS System

VPS stands for vertebrae protecting system. It consists of a combination of different materials which enable the rider’s weight to be distributed evenly over the largest possible saddle area .Even at a standing trot, the rider's weight is distributed over the entire saddle surface there is therefore no weight restriction for riders. For more information see: Barefoot flyer VPS-System.

Exchange pommel Size Middle

We normally deliver this saddle with an exchangeable pommel insert in size MEDIUM. Each Barefoot saddle is equipped with an exchangeable pommel at the front, which allows it to be adapted to the shoulder width of your horse. With the help of our measuring template you can easily determine the correct size of pommel insert for your horse (Link: Measuring template + instructions).

Adjustable Velcro stirrup suspension

The adjustable Velcro stirrup suspension is attached between the seat and the saddle substructure and is therefore easy to adjust. This means that the saddle can easily be adapted to riders with different leg lengths simply by moving the stirrup suspension either backwards or forwards.

Narrow Stirrup-Attachment

Narrow stirrup attachment approx. 2.5 cm width, suitable for all English stirrup leathers and narrow fenders.

The DryTex™ saddle

This saddle is made of lightweight DryTex™ (water-repellent textile leather). DryTex material is very easy to clean, simply using a damp cloth or sponge - virtually washable. The girth straps are made of leather. We recommend using our matching DryTex™, stirrup leathers with the DryTex saddle, as sharp-edged stirrup leathers can damage the material.

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Our favorite all around saddle made of DryTex™, a water repellant faux leather with a... more
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