Saddle consultation by Equine Physiotherapists

Before buying a Barefoot saddle, we recommend our free online saddle consultation by the experienced Equine Physiotherapist Team. The Barefoot saddle should be adapted for your horse and then the saddle system can work optimally. The flexible Barefoot saddle is suitable for every rideable horse and we would like to assist you in choosing the best saddle for your horse. 

In order to give you competent advice, we require current, detailed photos of your horse. We are unfortunately not able to give you any advice on the basis of snapshots taken in the paddock, so please make sure you do take proper pictures. The kind of photos we require is described at the end of this section.  Please send us an e-mail with the following information as well as the photos of your horse directly to:

The following information is needed for the saddle advice: 

  1. Name, breed, age of the horse?
  2. What kind of riding do you prefer: Dressage, Versatility, Endurance, show jumping, Natural Horsemanship or western riding?
  3. Training level of the horse?
  4. How long is the horseback (short, medium or long)?
  5. How tall is your horse?
  6. How is the withers of your horse (small, normal, well muscled, bony or prominent long withers reaches into the saddle position)?
  7. Are you female or male?
  8. How tall are you and how much do you weigh?
  9. What’s your size in pants or jeans? 
  10. Do you have a favourite Barefoot saddle? If so, which one? 
  11. Which saddle are you using now? Are there any problems with that?
  12. How is your seat on the horse? Is it free and independent from the saddle or do you need/like the support of knee-rolls? Do you prefer the deep and snug seat of a Dressage saddle? Do you like riding without a saddle
  13. How often do you ride and for how many hours at a time? How long have you been riding? 
  14. Are you planning Endurance rides or Trail rides? 
  15. Do you have any further questions? 
In order to assess a horse´s build, musculature and the line of its back, we require pictures of the entire animal and not just its back. Please take photos of both sides of the horse. 
example pictures:


The horse should be standing straight and square on a level area such as the stable aisle or a courtyard with its head in a normal, upright position and its weight distributed evenly on all 4 legs.  Select 2 or 3 photos from your hard drive (.gif, .jpg, .png ) and send them as an attachement.

If you already have a Barefoot saddle and have questions about the correct adjustment of this saddle, please also send a photo with the Barefoot saddle (using with saddle pad) as if you were about to ride off: