About Us

Are you curious to know who is standing behind this horsefriendly philosophy?


Sabine Ullmann 
at a donation campaign in the Stuttgarter Wilhelma animal park

That’s me – Sabine Ullmann, physiotherapist for horses, together with my team of riders and horse enthusiasts, who is dedicated to support my engagement for horses.

It all began with my own mare, Miss Painty – a very demanding personality with a truly difficult saddle area. Miss Painty was always tensed up and the search for a well fitting saddle became difficult and disillusioning.
Saddlers came from all over, but none could completely satisfying answer my questions as: "How can saddle with a rigid tree fit when the back changes because of movement?"or “How can I determine whether the saddle still fits tomorrow?” I am a perfectionist and so after the fourth misfit I decided to help Miss Painty myself. I became a horse physiotherapist. This made me smarter.

But one thing became even more difficult: the search for a saddle which would fit in every situation. I began fitting saddles for a reknown saddle maker to a number of very different horses. I realized quickly that one can optimize a saddle knowing how a horse functions, but the ideal solution can not be obtained with a conventional saddle. Such saddles are too rigid, they inhibit the movement of the horse – after all the back of a horse changes constantly. Realizing this I eventually created the Barefoot in 2002 – known today all around the world. I’ve got to admit: I am a bit proud of it!



Rita Willinger - head of office

E-Mail: office[at]barefoot-saddle.de


Monika Sporys - customer services, storage sale, horse fair

E-Mail: service[at]barefoot-saddle.de


Susanne Walter - customer services, horse fair

E-Mail: service[at]barefoot-saddle.de


Ronnie Wilhelm - warehouse and forwardin agent

E-Mail: logistic[at]barefoot-saddle.de


Let me take the opportunity to thank all my customers worldwide, who have put in so much emphasis into Barefoot products and keep on convincing critics over and over again – by simply letting them try their Barefoot saddle. They all belong to my team!

Thank you so much for your trust!

By the way: Miss Painty is a happy and laid-back horse today, being ridden with a Barefoot Cherokee.