Barefoot Saddle Madrid

adapts to the horse's back
allows muscle build up
precise aids through close contact, deep seat
flexible stirrup attachment
soft, comfortable suede seat

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Barefoot Saddle Madrid

The Barefoot® saddle for classical riders!
Our Barefoot model 'Madrid' is optically made for classical riding, but not only does it look right is also allows for a deep, secure seat.
Closeness to the horse is noticeable: Your horse's working muscles and movement of the back are transmitted unlike with any other saddle of this type and therefore build the basis of more precise riding.
At the same time the horse's back remains free of pressure. Demanding lessons, collections, transitions: Your horse can learn free of tension and build topline without any restriction by the saddle. There is no saddle pressure to stop your horse from moving freely. Blood supply to muscles remains in tact and muscles can therefore build up.
The stirrup attachment can be positioned between seat and saddle as needed. Therefore saddle easily adjusts to your seat and size.
Flexible V-Rigging. Saddle also suits horse's with difficult girth positions. Saddle lies a little further forward than a conventional saddle and positions the rider at the horse's center of gravity. It is therefore easier for your horse to balance the weight of the rider, the basis for lessons of any kind.
The seat is removable through velcro and can be exchanged with a real sheep wool seat. The sheep wool seat has integrated knee rolls and can be purchased separately.
The Barefoot Madrid is made from two different types of genuine leather:
Soft, supple, non-slip suede with integrated padding for the seat and sturdy, smooth leather (South American quality) for the rest  of the saddle.
6 D-rings to attach saddle pad etc
The included pommel insert (size wide) can be exchanged as with all Barefoot saddle models (see size guide).
• flexible in all three dimensions (X,Y,Z)
• no pressure and therefore no restriction in muscle build up
• movable stirrup attachment
• flexible V-rigging
• VPS system
• weight only approx 6kg
seat sizes: 1 + 2
leather colour: black or chocolate brown
Healthy back due to our VPS System

VPS stands for vertebrae protecting system. It consists of a combination of different materials which enable the rider’s weight to be distributed evenly over the largest possible saddle area .Even at a standing trot, the rider's weight is distributed over the entire saddle surface there is therefore no weight restriction for riders. For more information see: Barefoot flyer VPS-System.

Exchange Pommel in Size Wide

The standard delivery of this saddle includes an interchangeable pommel insert in size WIDE. Each Barefoot saddle is equipped with an exchangeable pommel at the front, which allows it to be adapted to the shoulder width of your horse. With the help of our measuring template you can easily determine the correct size of pommel insert for your horse (Link: Measuring template + instructions).

Adjustable Velcro stirrup suspension

The adjustable Velcro stirrup suspension is attached between the seat and the saddle substructure and is therefore easy to adjust. This means that the saddle can easily be adapted to riders with different leg lengths simply by moving the stirrup suspension either backwards or forwards.

Narrow Stirrup-Attachment

Narrow stirrup attachment approx. 2.5 cm width, suitable for all English stirrup leathers and narrow fenders.

Flexible V-Girthing - even works for critical horse girth areas Sattel-Gurtung

The movable V-strap is often used when a horse has girthing problems. It gives the elbow plenty of room to move and, because the two strands can move independently of one another, the pressure from the girth is distributed more evenly.

Barefoot high quality leather

Barefoot high quality leather

Barefoot Horseaid

With your help, we support animal sanctuaries and animal welfare initiatives! When you purchase an article with this sign, we automatically contribute 1 euro to the Barefoot Horse Aid fund, without passing this on to you by increasing the final purchase price. For more information on Barefoot Horse Aid click here: Link Barefoot horse aid page.

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The Barefoot® saddle for classical riders! Our Barefoot model 'Madrid' is optically... more
Customer evaluation for "Barefoot Saddle Madrid"
27 Jun 2020

Empfehlenswerte Sattel, der etwas Zeit braucht zum Eingewöhnen und Anpassen

Ich habe mich nun nach mehreren Wochen an den Sattel gewöhnt. Man sitzt echt gut und bequem. Das Wildleder gibt guten Halt, ich vermisse keine Pauschen mehr.
Für meinen großen Warmblüter mit hohem Widerrist passt er auch ganz gut. Ich habe die Spezialsattelunterlage im vorderen Bereich doppelt gepolstert, nun rutscht der Sattel auch nicht mehr nach hinten.
Außerdem gurte ich überkreuzt, damit sitzt alles besser und ein Zurückrutschen wird verhindert.
Ich habe die hintere Strupfe aus der Fassung raus gezogen, da diese sich so besser nach vorn ziehen lässt. Das passt dann ganz gut.

Die Ringe für die Steigbügelaufhängung sind praktisch.

Ein Manko ist, dass die Sattelblätter etwas länger sein könnten, speziell für Reiter über 1,80m. :)
Die Farbe braun sieht gut aus.

23 Apr 2020


Für uns der perfekte Sattel! Mit dem Fellsitz und den Pauschen sitzt man zusätzlich bequem und sicher.

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