Barefoot® 'Ride-on-Pad' Physio Nature

  • comes with 2 different sets of shims
  • qualified for older horses and heavy riders
  • Horse friendly v-girthing
  • Slip-proof underside with Sympanova
  • Grab handle made from sturdy nylon


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Barefoot® 'Ride-on-Pad' Physio Nature

Ride-On-Pad `Physio Nature`
Again in the assortment with a new name and a changed design!
Barefoot® Ride-On-Pad Physio Nature made from real sheep wool and microfiber. The large knee rolls add support to the rider's legs whilst the high, soft cantle encloses and supports rider at the back. The saddleflaps are made from solid microfiber. The underside is made of Sympanova to prevent slipping on horse's back.
The undersite has an additional padding pad. Included are 2 sets of shims (1 pair of cellular rubber shims and 1 set of soft PU foam). The padded underside ensures spinal clearance and also additional protection for the horse's back. Difficult saddle positions can be balanced by cutting shims.
The Barefoot®  Ride-On-Pad Physio Nature has no stirrup attachments to avoid any pressure on the horse's back muscles.
With most bareback pads girth attachment runs straight across the back and puts pressure on one or two spinous processes - the Barefoot® Ride-On-Pads are more horse-friendly: The concealed girth straps are mounted centrally on skirts and therefore distribute pressure over the whole area.
The Barefoot® Ride-On-Pad Physio Nature gives the rider a secure, comfortable seat close to the horse and is stable on the horse's back due to non-slip underside.
• D-Rings to secure bags
• Nylon carry handle
• horse-friendly rigging
• non-slip, padding underside
• large knee rolls and secure seat
This product is made from pure sheep's wool and microfibre. Sheep wool as rougly the same anti-bacterial and pressure absorbing properties as sheepskin but there is one important difference: Wool is simply shorn from the sheep and a relativeley painless process, whilst sheepskin can only be taken off a dead animal. The wool of the sheep is then applied to a carrier material for further processing. This means the production is animal friendly.
Size: S, L (dress size german 34-38 or 40-46)
Colour: fleece natural, saddle flap, edging and girth strap cover black
Size S = Lenght: 51 cm, Length of flap: 49 cm
Size L = Lenght: 59 cm, Length of flap: 58 cm
Tip: The Barefoot® Ride-On-Pad Physio Nature is not suited for smaller ponies due to long saddle skirts and rigging. We recommend: use Barefoot® Ride-On-Pad in pony size for smaller ponies like Shetlands.
Tips for cleaning: Brush out loose dirt & hair with brush. Cold wash by hand possible - afterwards pull into shape but do not dry over radiator.

This product is made from pure sheep's wool and has almost the same antibacterial and pressure-absorbing effect as sheepskin, but for us there is one important difference: As opposed to sheepskin, it is not necessary to kill the animal in order to obtain the product. After shearing, the wool is mechanically applied to a textile substrate and put to use in the manufacturing process of our products.

Ride-On-Pad `Physio Nature` Again in the assortment with a new name and a changed... more
Customer evaluation for "Barefoot® 'Ride-on-Pad' Physio Nature"
17 Nov 2019

Gutes Pad, gibt sicheren Halt

Mein Pferd läuft gut damit, ich habe auch bei Trab und Galopp im Gelände einen guten Halt. Somit für uns eine gute Übergangslösung im Gelände, bis wieder genug Muskeln auf dem Rücken sind für einen "richtigen" Sattel. Fürs Gymnastizieren in der Halle werde ich das Pad aber auch dann noch nutzen, wenn ein Sattel wieder passt, da man einfach super nah am Pferd ist und viel besser merkt, wie die Rückentätigkeit des Pferdes ist.
Produkt hält, was es verspricht!

6 Nov 2019

Material/Verarbeitung/Sitz ist gut

Das „Ride on Pad Physio Nature“ habe ich mir gekauft, als Alternative zum Baumsattel und reiten ohne Sattel. In Größe 1 habe ich mir den bestellt, bei Kleidergröße 40 und komme super damit klar. Das Pad ist mit der Beschreibung super einfach zusammen zu bauen. Was ich leider schade fand ist, dass die Klettverschlüsse leider nicht ganz übereinander passen. Und vielleicht noch ein bisschen mehr Abstand zu den Polsterungen. Da man nach dem absatteln leider noch ganz gut erkennen kann, dass kaum Wirbelsäulenfreiheit vorhanden ist. Aber wie das Produkt es auch beschreibt der Druck, sehr gut über die ganze Fläche verteilt wird. Insgesamt bin ich gut zufrieden mit dem Reit Pad, die Stute läuft auch sehr gut damit und es ist Rutsch fest.

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