Chin Strap elastic

Chin Strap elastic

chin straps for hackamores
also suitable for Western headstalls
selected colours


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Chin Strap elastic

Our chin strap for the Barefoot Bitless Bit and other Hackamores has a centrally incorporated, double-layered elastic band ensuring total flexibility.
Aids are received clearly but softened by the elasticated part if applied to harshly.
This chin strap clearly give greater comfort to your horse than conventional chin straps or even curb chains. It will not rub the sensitive chin area.
The chin strap is available in three colours and designs:
Black: With square buckles
Brown: With round buckles
Light-Oiled: With round buckles
Length: 26 cm
Barefoot high quality leather

Barefoot high quality leather

Bridle without bit

Horse-friendly bitless riding. Today we know that there are alternatives: We can reach the same goals with our horse using gentler methods that do not rely on inflicting pain or the use of force. In order to build up a real partnership with our horse, we should be critical of any influence that demands coercion or pain from the horse, e.g. the use of a bit. Today, behavioural biologists are pointing us in a new direction – it is up to us to have the courage to take these new paths. Link to brochure: Bitless riding.

Our chin strap for the Barefoot Bitless Bit and other Hackamores has a centrally incorporated,... more
Customer evaluation for "Chin Strap elastic"
14 Jul 2020

Kinnriemen in schwarz, sehr gute Qualität

Das Gummi ist sehr fest aber trotzdem nachgiebig. Die Verarbeitung ist sehr gut.

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