Dear Barefoot riders!

Have you also made a special experience with your Barefoot saddle? Do you use the saddle maybe for therapy? Do you train horses and/or riders in special horse-friendly manner using Barefoot items? Do you yourselves or your horse have a handicap which you could improve with the help of Barefoot? Did you experience a special ride in the Barefoot or are you just this content with your saddle and Barefoot equipment that you would like to report about it?

Please share your reports with us and other horse-loving riders!

Please send your report with photos directly to service@barefoot-saddle.de - thank you so much!


Over 1000miles in Barefoot Arizona
I have ridden over 1000miles in my saddle Arizona (which I bought second hand) and it is now beginning to look a little worn!
I often ride for 10days at a time covering 20+miles per day and (more...)
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