Measuring Template
Barefoot saves you money! Instead of paying high bills for a saddle change made by a saddle - you easily decide which gullet fits your horse and change them as needed quickly and easily and without long waiting times.

Each Barefoot« Saddle and any RWC-Riders Who Care« Saddle has an adjustable designed gullet construction which helps adopting the saddle perfectly to the width of the horse's shoulder.

The shoulder width can be customized to each horse:
- Barefoot« Saddle: by simply opening the zipper in the front seat area and change of the pommel
- RWC-Riders Who Care« Saddle: by changing the gullets which are supplied in different sizes.

The horse's shoulder width change due to training therefore each saddle should be checked every few weeks. To make the adjustment easier for you and to eliminate uncertainties, we have developed a template which enables you to simply remeasure the shoulder width of your horse and change to another gullet size in seconds if needed.

Document includes explanation.

    Download measuring template here

    Download Adobe Reader (freeware)

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