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Halter 2-in-1, real leather

  • fancy leather halter with two functions
  • two removable crownpiece
  • robust crown piece formed anatomically, softly padded
  • crown piece with "Break-away-function", soft padded with real lamb fur"
A specialty by Barefoot® - two halters in one!
The Barefoot® leather halter has two exchangeable crown pieces - both with horse friendly function:
1.    In all cases when the horse has to be tied securely: locked crownpiece made from soft nubuck-leather with thermo elastic padding - formed anatomically to fit the horse´s poll so that the onset of the ears is free of pressure
2.    To tie and to turn-out: crown-piece with break-away-function, softly padded with real lamb fur. The crown-piece is doubled and attaches with Velcro. In case the horse should panic, step into the halter or get hooked to the fence, the Velcro fastening opens.
The halter can be adjusted to the horse along the noseband; the tie-ring is manoeuvrable. Cheek-piece and noseband are padded softly. The throat-latch is sewn round, closes with sturdy snap-hook.
• two crownpieces with horse friendly function
• locked crownpiece formed anatomically
• Break-away crownpiece with real lamb fur
• Softly padded with thermo elastic foam
• Adjustable nose-piece
SheepSkin Made from real Sheep-Skin
Break-Away-Halter Break Away Halter

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