Do you know your horse?

Do you know your horse?

How does my horse 'function'?

Insights into the anatomy of the horse - simply, understandably graphically shown.

Every alleged saddle expert speaks about the building of the saddle-area. If the horse is broken in one recognises bit by bit the signs of the saddle's pressure on its back, which is said to be normal and wanted. The saddle engraves virtually - BUT: the so-called building of the saddle-area is nothing else than a muscular atrophy! There where, actually, muscles should be and would be without pressure applied, now are hollows and depressions!

No thanks!
We want muscled horses - horses whose muscles do not dwindle under the saddle, because muscles should be able to grow in every area - there we agree!?

Then here you see how the Barefoot saddle system works and why it is allowing muscles to (re-)build.

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