Barefoot® aid projects
We take over responsibility!

We take over not only responsibility for your horses, while we develop exclusive products which are thought through from physiotherapeutic view and are especially horse-friendly, but also help where it is necessary:

Barefoot® horse aid

You support the Barefoot® horse-aid with your purchase! We collect 1 Euro from the sales of selected Barefoot® articles. With the accumulated money we support mercy animal courts and other projects in which people speak up for horses. The suitable articles are to be recognised by this sign. Among the rest, Barefoot® presently supports the following mercy courts:

Barefoot® supports therapy riding schools

We support registered therapy facilities with a discount on our articles. You would like to apply? Please, send our application papers with sufficient documents and description of your beneficent work.

  • Ponydrome Kassel Therapeutisches Reiten e. V.
  • Verein e.motion – Equotherapie
  • Praxis für Ergotherapie und Heilpädagogisches Reiten, Bergkamen
  • Heilpädagogische Praxis und Beratungsstelle für Eltern von Janine Lindemann
  • Deutsches Kuratorium für Therapeutisches Reiten e.V.
  • Frühförderung der Kinderheilstätte Nordkirchen
  • Hippotherapienetz e.V.

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